Booking terms and conditions


These Terms and Conditions apply to the hiring of facilities and rooms at Ecogia as well as the provision of related services by the ICRC.

The ICRC and SV Group, a partner of the ICRC, are two legally distinct and independent entities. The Client enters into one contract with the ICRC, for the rental of facilities and/or guest rooms and related services, and into a separate contract with SV Group for catering and laundry services. The Client’s contract with SV Group is not bound by these Terms and Conditions excepting the clause on billing and cancellations.
The ICRC places orders with SV Group through its website and is in no way responsible for actions taken by SV Group in providing services.

The contract between the ICRC and the Client is confirmed once the Client has received a written booking confirmation from the ICRC.

The Client will receive 2 invoices for each event. The first is issued by the ICRC and lists fees for the hire of function rooms and guest rooms. The second is issued by SV Group and lists fees for catering, laundry and the “comfort class” room option.
Both invoices must be paid within 30 days upon receipt by the Client. The Client may be requested to make a partial advance payment depending on the scale of the event.

The Client guarantees that the event organized at Ecogia shall in no way damage the interests of the ICRC, particularly the ICRC’s image and reputation.

By the ICRC:
The ICRC reserves the right to cancel any booking or event at any time if the type of event planned has the potential to damage the ICRC’s interests, particularly the ICRC’s image or reputation. No compensation will be provided for cancellation in such cases.
By the Client:
The following charges apply if the booking is cancelled by the Client:
• 60 days or more prior to event: no charge
• 59–30 days prior to event:        30% of total
• 29–15 days prior to event:        50% of total
• 14 days or less prior to event:   Max. 10% reduction from original total if the booking is cancelled or the number of confirmed participants is reduced

The ICRC’s contractual and non-contractual liability for loss or damage resulting from its services is limited to cases of fraud or serious misconduct.
The ICRC is not liable for theft from its facilities of property belonging to the Client or event participants, unless required by law.
The Client is liable for all damage to the ICRC or third parties, whether inflicted by the Client or by an event participant making use of the ICRC’s services.

No provision of these Terms and Conditions or the associated contract between the Client and the ICRC shall be interpreted as an explicit or implicit renunciation by the ICRC of its privileges and immunities under national and international law.

Swiss law applies to these Terms and Conditions and the associated contract between the Client and the ICRC. Any legal dispute, controversy or claim arising from or in connection with these Terms and Conditions and the associated contract shall be resolved through arbitration in accordance with the version of the Swiss Rules of International Arbitration of the Swiss Chambers’ Arbitration Institution in force on the date of deposit of notice of arbitration as required under the Rules. The place of arbitration shall be Geneva, Switzerland. The language of arbitration shall be French.

By sending a reservation request, I confirm that I have read and accepted the Booking Terms and Conditions.